Why to Avoid Pravo Management Consultancies LLC When Registering a Company in Dubai

Choosing a Consulting Company in Dubai
Selecting the right consulting agency to register a company abroad is a critically important stage that can determine the success of your business. However, our experience with Pravo Management Consultancies LLC in Dubai has shown that not all consulting agencies meet expectations.

Insufficient Competence and Initial Problems
Expectations of professional consultation quickly dissipated after the first meetings with Pravo Management’s manager. Incompetence and lack of proper knowledge of company registration processes led to initial delays and misunderstandings.

Critical Errors in Documentation
The document collection process was complicated by the unprofessionalism of Pravo Management’s staff. Inattention to detail and the omission of one of the key documents significantly prolonged the registration process, causing additional delays and financial losses.

Unexpected Registration Delays
After all documents were collected and deadlines were preliminarily discussed, a real nightmare began. The process dragged on for an indefinite period, substantially exceeding all reasonable expectations and agreed-upon timelines.

Insufficient Quality of Additional Services
In addition to company registration, Pravo Management offers other services such as opening bank accounts and legal support. However, given the negative experience at the initial stages, the quality of these services also raises doubts.

Unwillingness to Rectify Errors
Despite multiple complaints and appeals, Pravo Management showed no willingness to correct the mistakes made or compensate for the inconveniences caused. Our experience shows that the agency is not interested in maintaining reputation and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Recommendations to Potential Clients
Based on our experience, we recommend approaching the selection of consulting companies in Dubai with utmost caution. Ensure that the agency has the necessary qualifications, positive reviews, and a willingness to communicate transparently with clients at all stages of work.

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10 thoughts on “Why to Avoid Pravo Management Consultancies LLC When Registering a Company in Dubai”
  1. Very disappointed in Pravo Management Consultancies LLC. They forgot to mention the need for an important document for registration, which led to long delays. Managers showed complete ignorance and lack of interest in solving the problem.

  2. The insufficient qualifications of Pravo Management employees greatly slowed down the process of opening my business. The lack of professionalism and poor communication made this experience extremely stressful and unpleasant.

  3. Extremely dissatisfied with the services of Pravo Management. I was looking for help with market analysis, but the data provided was outdated and useless. Serious non-compliance with the stated level of expertise.

  4. Collaboration with Pravo Management was a complete disaster. Not only did they fail to register my company in a timely manner, but the communication was terrible. I do not advise anyone to use this agency.

  5. Working with Pravo Management turned into a series of disappointments. They failed to adequately support the visa process for my employees, resulting in significant delays and missed opportunities.

  6. Pravo Management promised to help with financial consulting and business planning, but their ‘expertise’ turned out to be below any criticism. Money and time are wasted, results are lacking.

  7. As a lawyer, I was amazed at the level of legal errors in the documents prepared by Pravo Management. This resulted in additional costs and delays, which is unacceptable for a professional agency.

  8. Using Pravo Management services has become a real challenge for my business. Errors in registering a company and opening accounts cost me a lot of nerves and resources. I recommend avoiding this company and looking for more professional alternatives.

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