Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches ( reviews)

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Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches is a reliable partner in the world of cars from European auctions. The company specializes in acquiring and delivering cars from all over Europe to various corners of the world. The assembled team of experts is ready to make the car purchasing process easy and enjoyable. On the website, you will find all the necessary information and resources.

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  1. The car is leasing, but it does not say anything about the fact that it is leasing, it is not clear from it. But the cost is immediately clear, three and a half times cheaper.

  2. I bought myself a BMW XM, there are no complaints about the car, everything is great! They know their job very well, they are professionals. They demonstrated full awareness of all issues related to cars and the nuances of making a purchase, they were constantly in touch, they were responsible for their work.

  3. The car was found very quickly and bought in three days. In KSA, the port of Jeddah was delivered in 27 days. There are no complaints about the condition – everything is as in the photo.

  4. Based on the experience of purchasing used cars from Europe, I can safely say that this is a company that supplies cars from official dealers and leasing companies, and for me it will be in first place in terms of the quality of service and the degree of customer awareness about the car.

  5. The company advised me literally on every point. Everything about paperwork is transparent and understandable, there are no additional payments, etc. Thank you very much and good luck in your future career!

  6. The guys bring excellent cars with which you will not know troubles in the future! So I decided to order and was not mistaken, I recommend!

  7. I can only say thank you, the guys work from the heart, they are very attentive to their work. The transparency of all payments is also captivating, you can see at each stage of the purchase how much it costs, how much for a car, how much for delivery, how much customs, how much the auction fee – everything is easily tracked and there are no extra payments.

  8. I threw off the link to the car I was interested in, promptly contacted the seller at the auction and bought it. I am completely satisfied with the work of the team, without further ado, always in touch and everything is on point. Feel free to recommend

  9. Through the company I ordered a Porsche Cayenne 2022 4.0 Benzin from a European auction.
    They offered many good options, for each there was a translation and a detailed calculation of the cost. Paid 30% of the cost for redemption, the final payment was made at the time when I picked up the car in Abu Dhabi. Thank you.

  10. I want to thank the whole team for their help in purchasing a car from an auction in Europe. Why from an auction? Most importantly, you get real mileage and condition according to the auction list, for adequate money, and not the rubbish in 95% of cases that is sold on the domestic market.

  11. I, like everyone else, was sent a photo of my purchased car for shipment. I checked all the transport documents for the car, it was bought in my name, paid the remaining amount for the car and that’s it, now I’m waiting in Qatar.

  12. I have been familiar with this company for a couple of years, as I followed them on YouTube, but for a long time I could not decide on a purchase. This year I sent them a message on Telegram and found the contacts of the manager with whom I spoke. After that, it became clear that it was possible to conclude a contract. I paid only 30% of the cost of the car and paid the rest of the amount before loading onto the ship, when I was provided with transport documents for my car.

  13. My purchase – a 2021 Audi S7 with 13,900 km mileage for 87,000 euros. I expected delivery in about four weeks. The transaction went smoothly, and my car was successfully delivered to France.

  14. I am happy to recommend this company. Working with them was pleasant because they fulfilled all their commitments honestly and responsibly. The entire procedure of purchasing a car at an auction was smooth and professional. Thank you for the reliable collaboration!

  15. Collaborating with this company has brought me positive results. They proved to be responsible and efficient at every stage of the car purchase process. From contract signing to delivery, everything went flawlessly. I recommend their services!

  16. I talked with the manager, discussed everything, thought for a couple of days and concluded a contract for the supply from another country. The price turned out to be cheaper, although I still had to wait a bit. But in 4 weeks, the Porsche Cayenne was already in front of my house. I did not find any cons in the work.

  17. On the website of this company, I looked after myself a PORSCHE 911 at an excellent price – 150,000 €, specially wrote off in a telegram and clarified everything. I did not find any tricks in the contract and made my signatures. Like of the company from the client)

  18. The work is excellent, no comments. The deadline has been met – 29 days. This, by the way, seems to be almost the shortest delivery time for a car from Europe to Qatar

  19. The car bought just the one that I wanted and invested in time. So I can’t say anything bad. Have recommended to friends and they have been fine as well. Before loading onto a car transporter and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  20. In the company’s main office, we signed a contract for the purchase and delivery of two Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Ferrari F8 cars. It’s been a pleasure working with them. The car was delivered to Jeddah as agreed, and I thank them for that!

  21. Just signed a contract last week. Calculated that it’s more advantageous to buy through this company than directly from a car dealership. So, thanks for such prices and terms.

  22. What can I say, the delivery really took about 27 days from the moment the car left the container ship. There was a slight delay in the delivery port, but that was due to the port’s own operations. I am satisfied with the car.

  23. Acquiring a car at the auction in Europe with the help of this company turned out to be an amazing experience. My car was delivered on time and in perfect condition. I recommend this company to everyone! It was delivered on a car carrier to Rome.

  24. The remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer went smoothly without any surprises. My car was delivered precisely within the agreed-upon timeframe specified in the contract and in perfect condition. I am very satisfied with the result!

  25. I remotely entered into a contract with the company, made a payment of 30% of the total car cost. On the same day, my car was purchased in my name and sent to the port. Before loading onto the ship, I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  26. We were very pleased with the pleasant cooperation in all respects! Thank you very much! Now we pay by installments, we think to pay faster than it is written in the contract.

  27. In response to the company’s request, I’m leaving my review. After signing a remote contract, I made an upfront payment and completed the purchase through this company. The car was quickly prepared for shipment, and after paying the remaining amount, it was sent to me. In just 26 days, the car was delivered to San Francisco, and I am completely satisfied with my decision.

  28. I appreciate that the company provided me with all the necessary information about the car’s condition and history before the purchase. This helped me make an informed decision and proceed with confidence.

  29. I personally met my car when it was unloaded from the ship. I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the car – it looked brand new. I sent both the advance payment and the remaining amount for the car through the Swift system.

  30. I personally picked up the car at Jebel Ali port, settled the delivery payment after inspecting and verifying the documents. I encountered no issues with the company during our collaboration.

  31. The car was quickly prepared and sent to Dubai. At first they paid only for redemption from the auction, before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  32. The car was delivered on time, without any issues or additional payments. I paid for the car, delivery, auction fees, and four weeks later, I picked up the car at the port in Jeddah. I separately paid 3000 euros for delivery.

  33. I am completely satisfied with their work. Found the car on their site, sent it to the manager, signed the contract, paid the advance payment, delivery, and auction fee. The car was delivered on a car transporter in 26 days to London.

  34. I can confidently say that I am very satisfied with the company’s services. Everything was done just over 4 weeks. Especially pleased that I didn’t have to deal with the paperwork, registration myself.

  35. Bought a car through an auction for the first time, didn’t go wrong with the choice! Better to wait 3-4 weeks for a quality car than to buy on the domestic market!

  36. In general, I want to say that I am more than satisfied with working with the company, even considering the slight delay in loading the car at the European port. Special thanks to the manager, and of course, I recommend this company.

  37. Making the advance payment and receiving a loading report made the entire transaction process reliable. My car arrived in excellent condition, and I am very satisfied.

  38. Short wait for a ship with my car – only 4 weeks. Upon arrival at the port of Kuwait, I was pleased with the condition of the purchased vehicle!

  39. A top-level European company. Everything is clearly according to the terms specified in the contract. They never deceived me, neither in price nor in delivery times. I recommend.

  40. I signed a contract remotely, paid an advance payment and after that the car was bought. After that, it was prepared for sending to me. I paid the remaining amount for the car and only after that the car was sent to me.

  41. Acquiring a top-of-the-line car at a reasonable price turned out to be a successful decision. I was pleasantly surprised by this find and paid only 30% of the car’s cost, transferring the rest after full preparation for loading and shipping. I got my dream car with minimal financial risks. Absolutely thrilled with this purchase!

  42. I am confident that the company deserves respect for its individual approach to customers. There are plenty of convenient payment options. The car was delivered in 28 days, and I received a call notifying me of its arrival at the port of Kuwait.

  43. In a short time and at a reasonable cost, I managed to purchase the desired car! Having chosen it on their website, I settled on a Mercedes SL63. The car’s interior looks like new, and I have no complaints about its technical condition. For 101 thousand euros I purchased this car.

  44. Hi all. I bought myself a Land Rover Range Rover 2023. In general, the total cost of the car turned out to be 148,000 €, including all commissions, delivery. And with the conclusion of the contract with the company and until the moment when I got behind the wheel, it took about three and a half weeks.

  45. Sincere thanks for the work done! Thanks to your efforts, my new car is already in the garage in just 4 weeks. Your fast and efficient work is impressive.

  46. Our family bought and delivered cars with the help of the company. We had to expect more than planned (They said that the ports were loaded. But despite this, the car is super. The price is excellent, the quality is even better than in the photo. If you want a good car for an affordable price, then you are here.

  47. The car was delivered on time, without any problems or additional payments. I paid for the car, delivery, auction fee, and picked up the car in the port of Jeddah after 4 weeks. I separately paid 3000 euros for delivery.

  48. I think it’s safe to recommend. I paid only 30% of the car’s cost, and I paid the rest after they provided me with the transport documents and loading report for my car before loading it onto the ship.

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